Himalaya Baby Lotion (200 ml)



Application Area: Body
For Baby Boys & Baby Girls
All Day Cream
For All Skin Types
Lotion Form

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Pamper and nurture your child’s soft and subtle skin with Himalaya Baby Lotion that restores the suppleness.

Makes Skin Soft and Smooth

Retaining the natural oils, this lotion makes your baby’s skin soft and smooth.

Nourishes and Moisturizes Skin

Regular application of this baby lotion nourishes and moisturizes your child’s skin and keeps it hydrated.

Restores The Skin’s Natural Beauty

Your child’s skin will glow and be in a healthy condition as this lotion restores the skin’s natural beauty.

Prevents Blemishes

The baby lotion prevents blemishes and keeps skin irritations away and promises your little one a clear skin.

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