Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo(200mlX2) (400 ml)



Straightening & Smoothening, Nourishment & Moisturization Shampoo
Ideal For: Baby Boys & Baby Girls
Suitable For: All Hair Types
Composition: Please Follow Behind The Bottle

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While caring for newborns, it is highly important to use gentle products; choose the right shampoo for your little one today. The Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo has been formulated so it takes care not to harm the natural balance of your loved one’s hair, instead treats it with utmost love and attention. Ideal for baby boys and girls, this shampoo is infused with hibiscus extracts that soften your baby’s hair and keep it feeling silky always. The shampoo also includes rice, bengal gram and khas-khas, all organic ingredients that will soothe and protect your kid’s hair all the time. All these components in the Himalaya Baby Shampoo help in cleansing your child’s scalp gently and leaves it conditioned. The shampoo takes proper care to nourish the tender hair roots of your child so your baby’s hair is always strong and grows thicker. Apply this shampoo on to wet hair and lather well because this lather helps to soften and cleanse your kid’s hair thoroughly. After using this Baby Shampoo your tiny tot’s hair will feel soft and become tangle free and easily manageable. This baby shampoo is ideal for baby’s and fights hair fall so your baby never loses too much hair. This herbal shampoo is perfect for cleansing.

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