Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder (10 x 50g)



Ideal For: Baby Boys & Baby Girls

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The Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder is the perfect talcum for your kid aiding in the maintenance of delicate skin as well as keeping it free from itches and rashes. This baby powder, made from pure herbal ingredients, makes it very gentle and effective in keeping a check on hyperhidrosis, miliaria rubra and bad odour. It contains Olive Oil, which adds the goodness of vitamin E. Olive oil also possesses antimicrobial properties keeping bacterial infections at bay. This Herbals Baby Powder from Himalaya prevents chafing and keeps the skin smooth.
Nourishment of Almond Oil, Khus Khus and Natural Zinc

This herbal powder for baby has Almond Oil that is an excellent skin moisturizer. Almond oil contains Vitamin A as an integral ingredient that promotes bone development and also clears infections. Khus Khus has antiperspirant properties, thereby keeping the skin dry. The Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder 50g has natural Zinc as a significant composite that expedites the natural healing process of the skin. It is best to sprinkle some powder once your kid has a bath, or prior to sleeping and particularly during diaper change.

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