NIVEA Musk Talc (400 g)



Ideal For: Men & Women



Feel fresh throughout the day with this Musk Talc from Nivea and fall in love with your skin all over again. For all those men and women longing for that gentle fragrance, this Musk Talc will be their apt choice. The Nivea Musk Talc is perfect for summer when you are all set to go and play your favourite outdoor game. You are sure to get that soft and supple skin with this Nivea Talc. Also, this talcum powder will protect your body against bad odour and will absorb the moisture from your skin. For all those sport lovers, a talcum powder is a must since it would keep them away from bad body odour.

Summers can be extremely uncomfortable, when you feel hot and sticky you can apply this Pure Talc and comfort yourself. Additionally, this Talc can be applied at night to give you that comfortable sleep during those humid days and you are sure to get that pleasant body odour. You can bid farewell to your skin irritation like rashes and chafing with this Musk Talc. Besides giving you that smooth skin, this Nivea Talc will keep your skin clean and fresh. After your fun bike ride, take a soothing shower and apply this talcum powder on your body and get that beautiful skin.

Directions for Use

Gently apply this talc on your body.

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