Trueware TW59111 Mop Set



Type: Mop Set
Made of: Microfibre
Inclusions: 1 Bucket 1 Handle 2 Mops


Compact & foldable mop with one extra refill. Easy to assemble. Strong enough to absorbs the liquids, dust and dirt from the surface. Added feature – convert the mop into stool. Keeping the floors clean and germ-free has become an easy task with this Compact & Foldable Easy Mop Set which is ergonomically designed by Trueware. Ideal for Vinyl Flooring, Marbles, Stones, Bathroom Tiles This mop set is perfect for cleaning vinyl flooring, marble, stone and bathroom tile with great ease. Includes a Bucket and Mop This mop set comes with a bucket and a mop which are designed using high-quality plastic for long years of use. Stainless Steel Handle This mop comes with a stainless steel handle which can be easily adjusted for a comfortable position.

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Weight1.9 kg


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