Ustraa Hair Growth Cream (100 g)


• For: Damaged Hair
• For Men
• Type: Hair regrowth
• Quantity: 100 g
• Sulfate Free



Ustraa’s Hair Growth Cream is a result of years of research and customer feedback. We took the best of modern-day science, Ancient Ayurveda, knowledge of Unani medicines and clubbed it together to create a unique proprietary blend that provides up to 66% reduction* in male pattern baldness. It also boosts hair growth & keeps your hair healthy. Power packed with 15 ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Onion Extracts, Neelbhringadi Tailam, Coffee Bean Extracts, Black Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Coconut and more, this cream is just what you need in your fight against male pattern baldness. * Tested to inhibit 5alpha reductase that causes male pattern baldness, based on 66% reduction of DHT in In-Vitro test.


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