Walker With Parent Rod (Blue)



Type: 2-in-1 Walker
Assembly Not Required
Height: 48 cm



This baby walker helps the infant to move forward and carry on with walking. Baby Steps To Big Steps The Sit To Stand Learning Walker , Helps Your Baby Develop From A Crawler To A Walker Through Adaptive Technology. With A Barnyard Of Playful Friends To Cheer Them On, Your Little One Will Have Endless Fun As They Learn To Walk. Start Out With The Easy To Remove Activity Panel For Floor Play Or On The Run Fun, Then Step It Up With The Fun To Maneuver Walker. The Sit To Stand Learning Walker Keeps Baby On Track Also, it have beautiful sound “RING RING” bell sound.when your baby push the walker the sound will ring not needed use batteries.Sharp-less edges and light weight material let the Toddlers love to move around with it. NOTE:-Must be used in Adults Supervision.AT LEAST WHEN YOUR BABY HAVING FIRST STEP FOR FIRST TIME.

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